I came home from work the other week to find Amalia and Natalia discussing buying a private island and assuming it was a joke I headed off to bed.
Then I got back from work again to find that they’d been researching private islands and had found a few contenders. This is the best one by a long stretch, though we thought it was a bit expensive. This one is Amalia’s favourite, but I’d say this one looks the most promising overall. When we buy it I’m going to build a castle at one end and the girls are going to build an underwater palace at the other. Then we’ll declare independence and have a brief civil war to determine leadership.
The only problem I’ve thought of here is rising sea levels, but maybe we can get a discount or something,.

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  1. i’d go for the second one.

  2. toraizanami says:

    What happens if a wild hog or something eats you while you’re on the island? DO you just…be eaten and the island is up for grabs again?

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