The week has started quite well in a few respects – firstly my computer was fixable by changing the bios, I found I’ve been underpaid and am due some more money and it’s generally been summer on the south coast. My bald spot is red as a result, so I’ll have to get some lotion from the 99p shop at lunch. Not complaining, though, I’m still far from bored of the summer.

Otherwise I’ve figured out finally the mystery of Michael Jackson. Check out these facts:

1971: He has his first solo hit with ‘Ben’
1977:Elvis Presley dies in Graceland
1982: Duets with Paul McCartney on The Girl Is Mine
1984: Begins to turn white
1994: Marries Lisa Marie Presley
2002: Rumbled as a perv
2005: Acquitted of being a perv

So, what do we get from all this?
Well, my theory is that ‘Being John Malkovich’ is actually based on a real scientific phenomenon. Presley instead of dying went into the body of the young Jackson and took over his life.
Think about it.
It has to be true.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting point James.
    Elvis, however didn’t fuck little boys. How can this be peculiar foible of Jackson’s then be explained?

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