Bored out of my skull this weekend, I’d been planning to go out somewhere cool and get battered beyond belief. When it came to it though, nobody else wanted to and I’d somehow agreed to do five hours overtime on Sunday morning anyway. So I stayed in with Amalia and Natalia drinking port, watching The Graduate and having a bit of a smoke.
On Sunday I sat around reading Keep the Aspidistra Flying in the utterly dead call-centre in the morning, then went home, ate 24 mini onion bhajies and made some music. Liam’s bird was meant to leave but she missed her plane, not that they seemed to mind. Saw Bedazzled with D&A in the evening, really very good indeed.
Monday wasn’t quite so good in that I found out the entire summer is booked up for holidays and none are available. Which leaves me with two options, and I don’t need to go into those, do I?
I just booked up another week of overtime. All in all that means I’ve been at work every day since the 29th of May and won’t get a day off until the 22nd of this month, at the earliest. Siba says I’m going to go crazy or die, but I can hack it so long as I stay fit, get sleep and keep making money at the current rate. Then I can fuck off to the far east and never have to put up with shitty English jobs like this one again.

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