Somehow it is my last proper week of work before my Christmas break, on the surface a good thing but having so much to do in seven days isn’t too fantastic. My schedule looks like this;
Sunday: Martin “Mad Mart”‘s wedding
Monday: Skive work
Wednesday: Last day of work, Mum down to Brighton
Thursday: Back up to Worcester / Herefordshire / Sheffield to see various family members
30th: Fly out to Prague
5th: Fly back.

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  1. I want to go to Prague! :-(

  2. Anonymous says:

    woo hoo! i’m so glad you’re coming!! does russ know it’s only 20 pounds to fly? so far i know that russ can’t come, and i just heard from lori and she can’t come either. any word from hanna? oh, and carrie IS coming, as i am…in just one week from now! cool, i’ll see you soon-i’m looking forward to it! love,lara

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