Its Christmas time. Theres no need to be afraid. No need to imagine there would be any need to be afraid either.
Yesterday we had my cousins over. The ones who went to school with me and I know very well indeed. They’re all off becoming doctors and taking masters degrees in Italian, while holding down jobs and acting in their spare time. Must be tiring. “What are you doing now, James?” “Well, I’m working in a callcentre, as it happens.” Bah.
I am cheered by the thought of appropriate presents tomorrow. My family has been blessed with knowledge of online wishlists.
In other news mum wants to go to midnight mass yet again. Every year I’m surprised. Nobody else can be bothered though. It’s always awkward, isn’t it. Especially as the other three of us are preachy atheists. Don’t know how she puts up with it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hello from bob
    hello there stranger. me back usa for a bit (got sick) how are you?

  2. some old guy in the pub said he was going to midnight mass at 9.30 last night. that doesn’t add up.

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