Christmas was good, then. I can’t particularly see what everyone complains about. No work, people giving you stuff, and I also genuinely like my odd little family and get on with them fine. I got some DVDs mainly. Everything I get has to be either very small or quickly edible, or I have to leave it behind.
Yesterday we went up to Sheffield to see another little branch of the family – My Uncle, his French wife, their kids, their dog and my grandma was there too. We played trivial pursuit. I won because I’m clever. We had to drive all the way up there from Worcester and back again. It wasn’t me driving, but all the same I don’t like having to travel for 5 hours on icy roads.
Today my Dad came by to pick up my sister and myself and take us over to the Welsh border where he lives. Over here there is snow. After Prague last year, though, the novelty value really is gone.

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  1. Being clever always helps whilst playing trivial pursuit!

  2. autumnsky79 says:

    I am particularily clever.

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