I went back to the callcentre for one last day of work on Tuesday, my first on the new 9am-7pm shift which is bound to send me scurrying back into the skilled professions by March. Am considering becoming a plumber. Apparently colour blind people aren’t allowed to be electricians for some reason.
On leaving work I met up with my mum and stepdad, who had come down to see what Brighton is all about and whether they’d want to move there. They were staying in a grotty flophouse called “the quality hotel” and mum has an impressive cold, but they managed to form a good impression anyway. We had tapas, and I decided I’m not going to bother trying to like squid any more, then we walked down the palace pier in the dark.
Drove up to Worcester yesterday and sat around watching TV for a while. Too much of a sleep deficit has built up for me to be doing much else. With any luck I can catch up before Prague.
Today I’m in town (in the library right now, the one where I used to hire Lois Duncan books when I was 11) doing the last of the shopping, getting out as soon as possible.

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  1. “Apparently colour blind people aren’t allowed to be electricians for some reason.”
    yeah you gotta be able to see the colours of the wires or else KABOOM!!! or something equally as marvel sounding might occur.

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