The end of this week feels like the beginning of a new era. Don’t know why, because it isn’t.
Today has been taxing beyond the call of duty. The storm blowing until the afternoon set the tone – I was soaking wet with water in my shoes when I arrived at the office to find we were understaffed and due to be bombarded with non-stop calls all day. All a bit much.
Toward the afternoon the fatigue was really getting to me when some guy called up and started having a go at me like some kind of school bully. He had no problem with the company at all, he just called to tell me I had a stupid gay voice, apparently. In real life I would have punched him in the face, but as he didn’t use any actual swear words I had to be polite to the cunt. After I put him through I took a break and sat with a cup of coffee shaking with rage.
When I got back to my seat another of the trainees was being escorted out of the building after refusing to work on christmas eve and subsequently being fired. I was sternly informed that I’d taken 5 minutes too much break. Jesus.
So, weekend. Thank fuck.
The only funny thing this week was some Glaswegian woman who called up and tried to talk to me from a phonebox while another woman stood outside in the rain trying to get in and screaming at her that she’d been on the phone for half an hour. It quickly developed into a fight, the receiver being tugged between the two of them. Eventually the call was just cut off.
That’s the only bit of entertainment.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    what the hell are you doing now?
    i feel your pain; this job sounds awful.

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