The weekend is almost over already and there hasn’t been a great deal of interest to report. We did have a party last night, I suppose. It was ok, though short because everyone decided to go out to some bar at 11. I drank a lot of red wine with coke and olives, then went up to my room for a little lie down. At 6.30 I woke up, parched beyond belief and with a headache that wasn’t helped at all by the 200db funky house coming from below. Ten minutes later a girl turned up in my room and started talking to me, but I mumbled a vague summary of my condition to her and rolled over again to bury my head in the pillow. Apparently she’d been sent up to ‘get with’ me, which is a bit weird to tell the truth.
Earlier there had been some more Slovaks over, plus one Czech girl who was trying very hard to have a fight with everyone in the room. She was trying to be some kind of feisty ball-breaker type, but just looked insecure and attention-seeking instead. Everyone was winding her up something rotten. She’ll learn.
Back to the call centre tomorrow. I have to learn a load of three digit codes first though. Eck.

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  1. rcm9554 says:

    you seem to be a very interesting person.

  2. I came across your journal on a random search……….after reading a few pieces I can sum it up in one word…….brilliant. Mind if I add you?

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