So that was the first big weekend of the winter. Started Friday with confirmation that my future career was indeed Callcentre Operative. I bought a shirt, washed my trousers and went out with Charlie and some of her gang to see the art degree show in the Pavilion and then go to the pub. It was a bit of a rubbish time really – there was an odd atmosphere pervading, and I wasn’t in the mood at all, anyway. And when you’re not in the mood to socialize your charm becomes a little forced. Alcohol doesn’t help either.
Saturday was better. I wasn’t planning on doing anything apart from lying on the sofa, watching the X Factor and having a bath, but after a lot of Svarak (erm… mulled wine) with the housemates we all went out to a cheesy club which was in fact a whole load of fun, though ten pounds on the door was a little steep.
Today I started work. There were fifteen people in the Lloyds building at 8.50, all of them training to go on the phones. It being the first day, we sat and watched about six or seven videos on health & safety, data protection, harassment, etc. Some of the trainees were moaning about having to watch them – and to be fair they were on the whole repetitive and patronising, but I can think of worse ways of earing 6 pound 50 an hour than sitting watching a screen. They all seem OK, though. It isn’t much of a career after twenty or so years of education, but nobody seems to view it like that. Fortunately.

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  1. Health and safety videos AAARRRGHHHHH!

  2. I was just made to remember my first day at Lloyds, I was around 22. I quit last week after all these years and I remember thinking during those first few days, there is no way i will last at this job …

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