A good weekend, then, though a hectic one. And I’m very tired indeed.
Most of the time was spent with Gwen, really, and with Ronni and Aine. Gwen’s leaving Southampton for good after 8 years there, a good portion of her life all in all. It was a good sending off. We went to Goblets 3 times, Nexus once and to brokenjoystick‘s Halloween party on Saturday. That was a lot of fun – Gwen came as a dead bride and I was some kind of badly injured soldier or something (not entirely sure myself). We were covered in so much fake blood that I’ve got several rashes down the side of my face. Saw loulana there too, and iloveyourmum and top_plant too. It was all good, though I did get told that I should ‘get that (my facial wounding) seen to’ about 50 times. There was a mass sparkler event in the garden at about 4am too, mustn’t forget that.
So, anyway, I’m way too tired to give a coherent account in any more detail than that, but to cut it short I’m back in Brighton now and moving into my new house in about, ooh, 65 minutes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

  2. glad you enjoyed it. i had too much fun for far too long into yesterday afternoon. i am suffering now.

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