Spent a few days up at my Dad’s place before he drove us down to Kent for my uncle’s surprise 50th birthday party. It was good enough fun, not the even of a lifetime or anything, but alright anyway. We were given some Austalian themed food – something called a ‘pie floater’ and something called a ‘lamington’. I would prefer not to describe further.
Stayed with my Nan, in her spare room. She’s a walking comedy sketch – unable to do anything quickly but insisting on doing everything for you, including cooking me a huge breakfast.
Now I’m down in Southampton again. It’s all the same – including a good selection of first years milling around and getting in my way. Hung out with Matt, Kat & Ted yesterday, but now have to get to the serious business of sorting out all my storage, etc. A pain, but it has to be done I suppose.

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  1. xmysteriousx says:

    Just a random, I love lamingtons. I’m Aussie btw =) Never heard of ‘pie floater’ till I looked it up. No wonder, its South Australian’s own culinary specialty. I am from Victoria. =)

    • The lamingtons were alright, much coconut on the outside, which didn’t prove popular amongst my (ahem) “rellies” (sorry). Mushy peas aren’t exactly popular with everyone either. Controversial food choices, then.
      The reason for all this is that my auntie and uncle have emigrated to Adelaide to grow lavender. Don’t know why.

      • xmysteriousx says:

        Growing lavender is a pretty popular business in Australia, there’s many uses for it – oil, candles, bathbombs, etc. Plus the Australian climate (especially the lower part of Australia) is good for growing lavender, especially if you’re a wholesaler who sells lavender to the people who actually uses the lavender in their products. With this kind of business, you would be raking in a nice profit.
        Hehe, too much coconut can be a turn off. But I can make a good batch out of 10 once awhile. Sometimes its not enough chocolate coating, or not enough coconut.
        But somewhere in Central Australia (the name of the place escaped from my mind at the moment) has a popular tourist shop where they have fresh lamington daily, they are superb and to die for.

  2. monet17 says:

    well, arent you just the “man about Europe” LOL It must be exciting traveling around so much? Or maybe I just think that , being I’m trapped in the US unable to take those famed “trips” about the world. ~smirk~
    So, what is it like in Prague?

    • I’m not really taking any trip around the world, I’m afraid. More like I’m moving countries every year. Anyone can do it, at least if they’ve got the right kind of passport, that is a european/north american/antipodean one.
      Prague is great. I will never forget it.

      • monet17 says:

        Still, it must be really exciting! How many countries have you lived in? I’ve just recently moved to a new state, but never out of country. I did visit France when I was in highschool, but that was almost 12 years ago!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i thought mushy peas were a northern england culinary delight? purely out of interests sake, my, ahem, boyfriend (yeah, bea has a life) is from north england (somewhere..). hes lovely and he has phenomenal taste in music. however, he does say ‘oh aye’ quite a bit. lamingtons are dreadful things. something else we can blame the aussies for, then. hard to believe in 1 day my first year of higher education will be over…still seems like only a few weeks since i left prague.

    • Nothing wrong with saying ‘oh aye’ luv, won us the war and that.

      • Anonymous says:

        its kinda cute…in an odd way, and definitely not for anyone over they age of 25. hope brighton treats you well. i have one final exam/essay/tea party nightmare, then 4 months of freedom. finally the weather is doing good things and with any luck i shall be out of wellington and spending summer up north in the bays. have a lovely winter and fun in prague for new years and so forth.

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