Today I went along with Hamish and Amanda to visit Chelsea at the hospital she is staying in, in Bohnice. It was alright, not too bad at all really, a lot better than the place she was in last year and she seemed to be pretty much fine. She was in there with a 14-year-old girl also called Misa who had got into a fight with some policemen, but had no mental problems at all. She was covered in bruises. It was quite a sight. Pretty horrific, but this is Eastern Europe, however much we may kid ourselves, and there is a lot more of this stuff than we notice day-to-day, even living in Zizkov.
We stuck around for a while and Hamish wolfed down her unwanted steak while Chelsea just ate sweets, then it was time to go so we went and had a beer.
Now for a night in. For a change.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi James!
    Greetings from New York! I was there a week with my friend from university. It was kind of “studing trip”, because we visited Finnish embassy, UN etc. But most of the time we were just having fun and enjoing that great city. i have never really liked USA (I have never been there eather earlier..), but I really love NY. I could actually live there, but I think I just couln’t afford to do that..
    I also met Lori, who have moved there couple months ago. It was great to see her there!
    So you are going back to England soon ( I haven’t read this for an while)? It is probably good idea. At first you will be bored of course (It took me about 4 months to get used to be here again..), but after awhile you start you feel good again, cause you don’t have money to drink every day:)
    But I hope you are coming back to Praha around New Years Eve?? I try to pay my credit card bills from this trip and the try to get some money to come to Zizkov and hope to see you and others there then?!!
    Chelsea is back at hospital? I get a letter from her month ago and then she was doing fine..Say hello to her and say that I will send her some pictures as I promised!
    Hello to all the others who I know from there.
    Take care James-kulta
    Kisses from Hanna

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi James,
    it’s interesting to read this,more than 10 years later. I agree that I was in better condition in Bohnice than at the previous hospital(I remember very little from my stay at the army hospital…).
    I remember that visit well and I remember the other Misa(well,sort of).
    I still recall she called me a junkie when she saw me for the very first time. I wasn’t a real junkie,but I understand I probably looked like one at the time I was admitted to Bohnice.
    I’m really glad that I’m stable these days and I hope I’ll never return there.

    • Hi Chelsea, sorry for taking so long to reply, I really don’t see comments on old posts. Glad to hear you’re doing ok – it was a weird, difficult time for all of us and especially you. Sure you’ll never return to those places.

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