Listening to one of the greatest songs of all time, Keira, dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley. Also reading some Will Self stories, love this description:

Giselle wandered enchanted. Like a lot of intellectuals she felt herself to be hopelessly impractical. This was an affectation that she had willfully fostered, rather than a true trait. It allowed her to view the physical (and therefore inferior) achievements of others with false modesty, as heroic acts, as if they were plucky spastics who had entered a marathon

Otherwise, drinking a lotta alcohole, off to the beer garden now to continue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Alright cunto.
    Will Self all good, got back from V this weekend which was the best (BEST) festival I have ever been to by a long distance.
    Shane you’re not Praha New Year think I prob am but hey ho.
    Forza Amir Khan, love watching him destroy Kazakhs in front of my racist Dad who won’t watch him purely cos he’s first generation.
    Anyway pissed hope this makes sense. More V commentary to come. Pixies blew my fragile lil mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      btw that was/this is Russ.

      • Anonymous says:

        hey russ! i figured that was you! how was the pixies? what was the best part? i feel we are both missing out on a rocking blind eye reunion at the moment (jan’s there too),but hey ho, we will get ours at new year’s! and james claims that he will try to make it back for new year’s with a possible entourage in tow! have a great weekend-am going out to get very drunk tonite! love,lara

        • Anonymous says:

          I think Joey Santiago playing a feedback solo with his feet and then a solo with one of Dave Loverings’ drumsticks before throwing it back to him without looking was pretty damn rock. Apart from that, probably ‘Hey’. Or ‘Where is my Mind’ or ‘Velouria’. Or Frank Black scaring me witless screaming out ‘Tame’ like he was in some real pain. Or Kim Deal with the biggest smile on her face for an hour and a half. Or even The Strokes having to follow the whole thing and doing a pretty good job.
          ‘Twas all good.

          • Anonymous says:

            hey james and russ- (i’m kind of replying to both of you.) yeah, “hey” and “where is my mind” were also my fave highlights of the pixies concert. i am so incredibly hungover right now,i can’t even cope. it’s a red wine hangover-the worst kind,some would say. and now i have to go out tonite too,cuz it’s sort of my last night,(cuz then i spend sunday and monday packing and organizing, then tues vancouver, then wednesday-montreal!)-but i really don’t want to go out at all. well, i’m sure a bit of “the hair of the dog” will do the trick. take care-love,lara

            • Anonymous says:

              bah, scoff away you lucky bastards…rumour has it the pixies will be playing big day out this year (nz’s often pathetic and only non dub/d n’ b festival). however this is just a rumour and what will most likely happen, as often does, is that they will decide to play australia only, since after buggering halfway round the world, the remaining three hours from oz to here is just too much. thats what usually happens anyway. other than that, ITS SNOWING (big fucking news, it never snows in the north island except on the mountain), everyone is off snowboarding and i am poor and not. the flat remains subantarctic and our new flatmate is a commerce student and therefore sucks.
              love to all, bea.

    • Will be in Prague for New Year, can’t miss that. But only for a few days, then back to the old toil, whatever that turns out to be.
      Amir Khan is the man. Your dad is bizarre.

      • Oh yeah, check out this from the grauniad:

        He already has one offer on the table, from a syndicate of businessmen operating under the name the Real Fight Club, who have promised him £2m to remain an amateur until 2008 in order to generate interest in the lower ranks of the sport. “He has the profile to lead amateur boxing into the 21st century by example,” said a spokesman.

        Erm, if you’re getting 2 million you aren’t much of an amateur surely?

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