Am going around breaking the news that I’m going to everyone. Only one person left who doesn’t know now.
Been feeling vaguely down about it somehow, too. Life was very exciting here once. Or even a few times. Now I don’t do anything at all, and getting out of my situation is a long and laborious process. I could get some more work, but I really do need to sort out a lot of things in England. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back in Feburary even. I just want to get a few things that I need – a laptop, a video camera – and to start compiling my creative work, which is all in a gigantic mess right now.
It’s going to be a challenge getting a job in Brighton though. That’s what I think I’ll be doing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    its lisa am nearly back.
    hi james,
    i hope ur at least staying till 5th september thats when i go and will be here tomoz night all a bit surreal and last minute as the stupid incompetent post office decided it would be funny to keep hold of it and not tell me. consequently i got it back only 3 days ago and now i have the fun task of trying to get a russian visa in prague. (still my bro is in the same boat due to excessive nights out and has to go to london to get his) technically its possible but who the fuck knows with the czechs or the russians. hopefully they will be open to bribery.
    i know what u mean about prague. i did reach the point where i was like i have to leave prague am not doing anything. but i will be back tomoz!! how surreal. hopefully u will get this by then,
    go to brighton anytime after 5th september. and yeah if u have a goal it’ll totally motivate u well it seemed to with me anyway. anyways c u tomoz!! get hamish out too. its going to be strange though coming back after so long.

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