Twenty-five feels remarkably like the tail-end of twenty-four. Big surprise there, then. I had a deliberately toned-down birthday. I was even considering not telling anyone. Making a big deal of it is a breeding ground for feeling shit. And besides, I am still somehow sick.
Then yesterday I went to The Globe and saw Gail do her human jukebox thing before she ships off to Finland for the world karaoke championships on Tuesday. Good luck to her. I got her to sing the theme from The Neverending Story.
Today is Jussi’s soup and Robert’s random DVD day, AKA Sunday. Todays soup is spinach. Sounds not too shabby.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    Making a big deal of it is a breeding ground for feeling shit.
    omg, i know.
    which is why, i’ll tell you, because you do not live here. i’m turning 24 in a few weeks. august 10th. i refuse to mention it to everyone, even though i know a few freaks will remember the approximate date and try to get the exact date correct and try to plan something. i’d rather just everyone forgot it and i have, maybe, a normal-to-good night of drinking. usual but whatever. anything more is a failure.
    oh – and, world karaoke champoinships is amazing. i mean, i didnt even know such a thing existed, but it sounds incredible. i hope your friend does well.

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