Another day of departure. This time Russ made the decision to leave Prague, probably correctly too. It was very sad, especially as this time there was no “I’m sure you’ll be back soon.”
Another new era begins. I am beginning to tire of new eras.
Today I will go to an interview at David Holis, teach a lesson, then go to Miriam’s farewell party. Ah well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    politics essay due later today which really i should be attempting, but quickly, i was promised photos! need them coz the stupid importer fuckwits have destroyed my carton along with clothes, cds, photos and basically everything i hold dear. will they be on the website at any point? hope you found a house/flat/money. myself am indulging in ridiculous student lifestyle which involves me being even more broke as was in prague, yet somehow also maintaining good level of general intoxication. winter has arrived and we have no heater. why the fuck would a university have free internet? i mean really, how the fuck am i meant to achieve anything?
    love bea

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