By the below I mean that I am better, finally, except for major wisdom teeth problems, which have been rectified by the taking of large doses of ibuprofen. Last night I even combined painkillers with beer and found out why they tell you not to. Still homeless and jobless, meanwhile, but otherwise in a good mood and active insofar as I can be in-between buying drinks I can’t afford. Tomorrow I go on the hunt for jobs and flats. Despite having moved out of the house more than two weeks ago I’ve somehow slept there every night but one since I got back from the mountains. Tomorrow, though, Amanda + Miriam move out too, and I no longer have a place to sleep free of Jacques. A house is needed immediately. I am a slack fucker.
There will be hindrances to my mood of urgency though, as even more people are leaving soon. There’s always someone going. This time it is said Norwegians, going back to the cold. There will have to be a good sending off, involving alcohol and / or other substances.

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