A week and a half to go. I have only the slightest leads on a new house, but the thought of being free from Jacques and all the other house shit more than makes up for the trouble. Today I was ordered to clean all of upstairs, including the upstairs bathroom which smells of Hamish’s clothes and hasn’t been used by me since the shower head broke off. Ah well, freedom is a bitter pill.
Last night was interesting too. I found out that it was Hamish who poached my classes. I kind of knew anyway, but the bitter pill for him is that I’m talking about it on here, though I’ve been asked very nicely by him not to mention that he is still in Prague. Well, no more. Hey, Hamish is here, everyone!
Next week: The grand launch of the Hamish Gossip Forum.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi James,
    Its sound like there is so many strange things going on there..Things what were so normal (also to me) in Prague, sound very weird if you have been living somewhere else for awhile.Whats my point? i don’t know, maybe I will come to Prague at the summer. For a longer time. I kind of miss it.
    all the best to you J and to everyone else also. i will write some email soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That was from Hanna.
    Hauskaa kevättä ja voi hyvin, pikku ystäväiseni.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Woah there…
    Hey boy, ‘poaching’ yer jobs?? C’mon – I got offered it straight from Alanna after you had finished there. No stealing involved. In what way did I steal it from you? Jesus. I didn’t want to tell you straight out ‘coz I was advised not to and I didn’t want to make you feel weird about me taking over the class. To think for a second I had any ill intention toward you is patently absurd. You should, I hope, know that.
    Telling you a ‘white’ lie when I got given the gig was my only recourse after you told me that if it was AON, you would be extremely pissed off with certain people. So I had a reason to do that, alright?
    Come on, I’ll buy you a drink and you can punch me if it makes you feel any better. Sure you can be pissed off at me – but in no way should you be all bitchy for no good reason. There’s enough of that to last a lifetime, as you well know..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, me and James love each other again! xxx

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