Worcester is a little fucking dull.
I did get a night out in Southampton though. Went to the Nex, nearly everyone was there, sort of, had an alright time I s’pose. Seems like the place is surviving fine without me, bless it.
It was a shame I had got carsick on the coach and spent the whole night in the corner feeling sick, though I got by talking to Gwen and Jane.
Next day I moved what I could of my possessions back to Worc, with the help of Xander Steele. We ate toasted teacakes at the little chef and had to buy a road atlas because I am incapable of navigating.

Christmas is half an hour away and I am dead excited. My Nan has bought me a cheeseboard. Entirely useless, but a nice thought.
All that remains is for me to wallet-ise all the CDs I have recovered and ship down to Praha for New Year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bored out of my mind.
    Want to get back to Praha now but gonna have to wait til Feb it seems.
    My Dad has lost his mind and bought an 18 pound turkey for the three of us. Off to have a crack at it now in fact.
    Remember to bring all the music you own back to Praha. And videos. Back copies of Viz.
    Ta-ra. Russ

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Empathy
      oh yea my dad got a 20 pound turkey, and cooked it with no shirt on after 24 cans of bud. I love christmas in georgia. Well I got to go it is time to play spin the bottle with my cousins.
      love Bob

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well my Dad’s heavyweight champion of the world.
    How long are you back in Prague Bob? Will I see you Feb.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Russel,
      just jump to the plain again and come to Prague to celebrate New Years ( and take loats of your friends (= cute english men??) with you)!
      I cant belive that I will be at Blind Eye (and Prague…)tomorrow. well, atleast my 4 months healthy camp is over.
      After this holiday I will be very very broke, but thats really starts to be a problem when I will return here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Hanna, won’t be back, with or without cute English men, til Feb.
    James: have full Day Today and Brass Eye to bring back!
    Have a good NYE whoever might be reading this.

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