So Matt came to stay for the week and that was cool, then my Mum turned up for a weekend, so we looked around Prague and went to the State Opera and watched La Traviata, then ate vegetarian food and so on. It was all damn good.
That’s a quick summary, there have been many other things I’ve forgotten.


Yesterday we went to see the football. Sparta beat Zizkov, shame. The Zizkov players aren’t shaving until they win again. They’ve got designer stubble right now, but they’d better win before they get goaties or they’ll be relegated.
On the tram back home there was a guy with a notepad writing down descriptions of what he saw around him at each tram stop. For beloved holy Husinecka he wrote that there were ‘dram communist buildings, no sign of life or culture.’ I was going to give him a slap but I thought nah.
Sometimes I try to fool myself that Prague is my place, but the Czechs can’t wait to get out of it. It’s easy for me because I can make money and move to whatever country and generally do what I want. I don’t want to be like the girl in Common People, thinking everything is cool when it’s not for the real inhabitants. Crumbling Victorian buildings are nice to look at but not great to live in. It’s not such a laugh at all. This is why I’m not living here forever.

Ah well.

We’ve got two new housemates come Christmas, the altogether very nice Norwegian girls Miriam & Amanda. We need someone to move in within the week, though. Trying not to panic unnecessarily but it’s not good at all.

Meanwhile, further stupid stuff:

rubysurprise 48%
epitomeof80s 45%
poranila_se 22%
michael_winner 14%
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hej James!
    Nice to hear your news again! Life there sounds still very cool. I just had an exam today and next week is another, so studying keep me busy.
    who is living at your apartment at the moment? Bea went, but is Hamish, Russ and Jack still there? And do you know already who will be at Prague around christmas and new year? You will go to England at christmas, but back before new years, right?
    I still in a big big financial problems, but I have to get some money to travel in December..
    Take care and if you have some time, please write me an email!

  2. Anonymous says:

    james, bea here. touched to see i feature in the running commentary. other forms of communication with you lot are failing miserably, so im trying this route. hamish needs to contact me re the money- i have it but he needs to call me so i can western union it to him. is all well? london is bitterly cold in the way that only london can be, and things are average in general, but obviously not zizkov. miss you all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are the Zizkov boooys
    Haha, what like james its mark here.(from the C+B last year) I just thought i`d see if ur website was still going- good to see it is. Thats a shame to hear about the Viktoria boys not doing so well, has their form changed at all? I keep up with Sparta games in the Champions league, mite even head over again soon once ive saved money from Xmas job… Keep up the good work man,,ciao….

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