Last night I got told I was going to hell shortly before I was nearly mown down by a taxi. More on that later.
The day had started well. I watched a couple of old movies at home and then went down with Russ and Hanna to see Viktoria Žižkov playing their UEFA preliminary match with Zhenis Astana, some Kazakstani team that aren’t even in Europe. As we were waiting for the game to begin there was a torrential downpour that left me the only person without shelter and also soaking wet. It dried off, and so did I, during the game and I had some good beer and klobasa while watching Žižkov win easily. I was at the side of the pitch too, so probably on Czech national TV last night.
After the game we went home and played some cards. I lost so I had to buy beers when we got down to the Blind Eye. I played a lot of pinball & table football too, but eventually I found myself talking to a german arty girl called Karo for hours on end. She seemed really cool, and pretty too, with these deep black eyes… Towards the end of the night she showed me some of her art, explained by her as “a schoolgirl with a sword in one hand and the bible in the other going out to face the world.” I asked her if she was a Christian then. She said she was. Mmm. She’s a Christian and then some. She said that Hindus and homosexuals and ‘the makers of evil things’ will go to hell and that god created scorpions and wasps for the benefit of mankind. I was nice to her though, I didn’t tell her about my involvement in painting pentagrams on churches for example, but still she told me I am going to hell if I don’t ‘accept Jesus into my heart.’ Jesus fucking Christ.
I didn’t think there was any chance of anything happening with her by this point, so I belatedly went home.
As I stepped off the night bus I darted round the front of it to cross the road, not realising there was a taxi right next to it. I heard the screech of tires and saw the glare of the headlights, thought fast and jumped onto the pavement. The taxi missed me by inches. My slip on shoes remained in the middle of the road.
Maybe I am going to hell then, and sooner than expected.
But probably not, eh?

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  1. rubysurprise says:

    i live opposite said church now. sometimes when i look out of my window i scour the brickwork for satanic scrawlings. there are some gargoyles which are here to ward off evil spirits. one of them looks right into stevies room. it’s doing a great job.

    • The one with the big pentagram was the catholic church on the avenue. We just stuck that fake ‘urban hymns youth group’ poster saying ‘satan is lord’ on the polygon church, it took them a month to notice, suckers.

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