Getting back to Prague was no big deal really – these Easyjet people sure do know how to get you across a continent without any fuss, though I do hate being on aisle seats while bored businessmen sit at their window seats not bothering to look out at all. So I annoyed them by listening to bleepy dance music. Just an hour and a half after landing I was back at the Clown & Bard and it was like I’d never been away for 3 months. Half the people I know have disappeared but at least there’s the prospect of some quiet revision time before my teacher training course begins next monday (gulp).
So, I’ve eaten some fried cheese, drunk some Budvar and met up with a few people. Prague seems much the same, strangely. I was expecting some kind of small culture shock but the only thing really different is the absence of a few people. Still, I’ve managed to meet 10 or so new hostel types passing through, all seem pretty nice. I even had a cig, after quitting entirely for 2 months but I just couldn’t smoke it. It was a light too. Which is probably a good sign.
So… things to do, people to see, learning to do aswell. Head to be shaved. Dobry den.

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