I have finally found all my people, which is good. Also yesterday was pancake day which apparently americans don’t celebrate, so I introduced a few to its wonders and they were most impressed. I bought a whole bagful of ingredients and so I had 2 for breakfast today and another 7 before I came out here. If there was a medal for being a greedy pig I would have earned it and then some.
Also I’ve realised a connection that I had in my brain but never quite figured out – Pancake day = Shrove Tuesday = Fat Tuesday = Mardi Gras. So there was a little Mardi Gras celebration at the bottom of the hill in Florenc yesterday too, with a rotating dead pig, alleged Grog and cheap beer. And a drumming spanish band. I had enough after half an hour so a few of us went to see Catch Me If You Can. It was pretty good, Spielberg is getting better with every film after the abysmal AI. I left my hat in the cinema but i don’t really care, it wasn’t a good one.
Today I have shaved my head again (very much a rarity here in Prague) and paid 55 crowns for half a litre of beer, which is a rip off but I did get to talk to Linn while I drank it so I didn’t mind that either.

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