Busy busy busy

Every thing I sort out uncovers another three things to be done, but I think I’ve nearly cracked it. I’m still hoping to finish putting up the website before I go, though that is just over a week away. Still… much stuff to do, I feel like I’ve left it all to the last minute. The main problem is my having only a vague connection to the internet here in the Worcester Records Office, and you can’t use disks in the drives, therefore uploading is a bit of a problem. So apologies for that. I just had to go to the DSS for my national insurance number, never a nice experience – the usual stray dogs and ‘no alcohol’ signs plus long queues and general scabbiness.

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2 Responses to Busy busy busy

  1. dollyrocket says:

    do you want me to put some stuff on my pages or anything?

    • yeah
      I’m sorting it out… I’m goint to upload a zip file with all the relevant stuff…. tonight. Probably. I’ll mail you with the address, I’m just having to go over various stuff first, like changing all the file names so they work, etcetera.

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