moving again

After two telephone interviews I’ve been accepted on two different TEFL (English teaching) courses, so thats good. Have to pay them now but that’s sorted out too. Well, pay one of them, I’ll have to ‘decline’ the other one, a new experience for me.
Otherwise I just noticed that this site is in the name of ‘weejay,’ a nickname I picked up in Southampton 4 and a half years ago and left there 6 months or so ago. I am James now, not weejay. If this doesn’t seem important, well, never mind. I’ve decided to leave behind a lot of things and one of them is the character I adopted as some sort of shield against people, and the name that goes with it. Thankfully I’ve already got a different name.
This isn’t very funny, interesting or well writted so I’ll call it a day and go over to my Dad’s house near Hereford to ship a load of stuff down to / up from my late step-grandmother’s house in Essex.

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