so here I am in Birmingham international airport using a little kiosk thing at one pound for 15 minutes. I’ve been here for 4 hours and I’ve got another 8 to go.
It turned out that lun poly were slightly wrong in their instructions for me in that they told me to come here when my plane was actually leaving from Gatwick. on the plus side they’ve paid for me to get on the next available flight at 6.30 and I’m getting business class at a cost of £170 to then, so that’s sweet. Waiting around in a closed airport all night isn’t quite so sweet though, especially as I was supposed to be in Paris by now.
But when it comes down to it the situation is in no way my fault for once so I’m pretty glad of that and the music shop had the last Aphex Twin double album for 13 quid and the Clinic one for 2 quid, so I’ve got something to listen to.
expect a caffine-psychosis mailing from me tomorrow morning.

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