It is 10.13 am and I am very tired

But I got my ticket.
I’ve already shopped around since they won’t let me buy on line and the cheapest was £97.10, which is alright really as they have to get a metal box to fly up into the sky and that can’t be easy. Don’t get into Paris until 10.20pm, which is cutting it a bit fine really.. Don’t return until December 1st which is 3 months away, yay. Now to get some mon.
Since the clock reads 10.17am now I calculate that I am 60 hours and 3 minutes from my destination. Sweet.

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2 Responses to It is 10.13 am and I am very tired

  1. i almost gagged reading that so i guess you’ve got a much much stronger stomach than me.

  2. hiredg00n says:

    You should try out for that Fear Factor show in America, you’d totally win.

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