Thanks a lot to Kat for sorting this livejournal out for me, much appreciated. Have a look at hers, its got a colour scheme and suchforth. etc.
Anyway, have recovered enough from tonsillitis to get into town and do all the many many things I had to do. Now I’ve phoned the Czech embassy and had enough of that (i’m planning to help out with some restoration to keep me over there for a bit longer but apparently thats such an unusual request that nobody knows where i should contact) and managed to get in contact with Charlie, now I have to buy a plane ticket and an inter-rail ticket and get over to paris on sunday, that is after my dad’s barbeque. Can’t get drunk at that since I’m still on antibiotics. On the plus side though, I recommend tonsillitis to anyone thinking of quitting smoking. It’s kept me off the stuff for a good week now, and I was getting close to a packet a day before.
Really looking forward to getting away though. 4 days. Count ’em.

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1 Response to well…

  1. dollyrocket says:

    Good old livejournals.
    You can always make it less green in the modify journal section. I was feeling Irish.

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