200 Tracks from 2011 – Part Five (40-21)

#40 Siriusmo – Einmal in der Woche schreien

What is this? Weird German electro, very odd and very fun.


#39 ▼▲▼Vagina Vangi – Of Chaos and Hell

Russian Hardcore New Romantic Witch House. This could be massive. Doesn’t really kick in until about three minutes in, so be patient, I promise it’s worth it.


#38 Katy B – Katy On A Mission

Yes, yes, I know it was out in 2010, but the album was released in 2011, so it’s here. Another evocation of a great night out, and the best of a brace of great singles.


#37 Blanck Mass – Land Disasters

The best wall of noise since Surgeon’s remix of Mogwai Fear Satan. In the distant future all music will sound like this.


#36 Ghostpoet – Survive It

Though my view is a long distance one, 2011 seemed like a pretty depressing time for some people in the UK. Ghostpoet is one of only a few to work with this mood so far, and easily the best I’ve heard.


#35 Thundercat – For Love I Come

Bob James style 1970s Jazz-Funk, but sounding fresh and new.


#34 Florrie – Begging Me

What’s going on with pop music? In a logical world this would’ve been number one all summer, instead it’s an independent release listened to by a handful of music bloggers. 2011 is weird.


#33 Boys Noize & Erol Alkan ft Jarvis Cocker – Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)

Slow-building, propulsive, mechanical electro, with Jarvis’s best vocal for the best part of a decade. Another one that seemed to slip out un-noticed.


#32 Death Grips – I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)

Californian experimental hip-hop group with this year’s best use of a great sample. One of those “why didn’t anyone think of doing that before?” moments.


#31 Wolfgang Gartner – Cognitive Dissonance

Just a very high quality electro-house track, bafflingly not included on his album this year.


#30 Timber Timbre – Black Water

Dusty, smokey, swampy, Deep-South-Americana, although apparently they are a folk band from Canada. Love that little rising middle-eight.


#29 Misanthrop – Latitude

Relentlessly dark high-BPM German drum & bass. Good stuff.


#28 Washed Out – Before

What is she saying? It used to sound like “ahee” to me, but people seem to think it’s “Paris” spoken with a French accent.


#27 The Greg Foat Group – Yeah You Are



#26 I Break Horses – Load Your Eyes

Difficult to pick one track off an excellent album, but this one sums up what’s special about this band pretty well.
I’m amazed that I’m the first person to put it up on Youtube too.


#25 Patrick Wolf – Together

Yep, more Patrick Wolf.
Lupercalia didn’t receive great reviews – a pop LP about the joys of domesticity was never going to. Perhaps in a few years people will pick it up again and recognise it for what it is – some the best pop music of the year.
I played this to the wife and she didn’t like it. Which made me :(
The video is a bit odd, not really in a good way either. What are the taxidermied foxes doing there?


#24 Buggsy & Joker – Music (4am)

Slipped out on Joker’s twitter in June, seemingly un-noticed. Better than anything on his album.


#23 The Stepkids – Shadows On Behalf

Melodic, soulful psych-rock, somewhere between ’67 and ’68. Guitar music this year seems much better when it’s looking backwards. That can’t be a particularly healthy sign.


#22 London Elektricity – Invisible Worlds (featuring Elsa Esmeralda)

Fairly good drum & bass album ‘Yikes’ ends with this epic climax. It seems like if you’re making good music in a non-new genre you’ll be completely ignored if and when you produce something incredible. Not that the album was a flop, but there’s a lot of people out there who should’ve heard this but didn’t. I’d like to hear him try a whole album along these lines.


#21 Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – The Copper Top

Sombre, graceful song about mortality. With some artists you worry that they’ll run out of steam before they hit 30, but with Aiden getting older seems to just give him a greater level of insight.

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