The Cabin Fever – Part Four

The final part of The Cabin Fever Film features the songs “OCD OCDon’t” “Bla Bla Bla” “Stella Bella” and “Oh My Days”

The Cabin Fever – Part 4

The last set of footage I took for the film was at Dan’s new flat near Southampton Station. When I managed to find the place I discovered that he’s shaved off all his hair again. The walls were shockingly fresh and white too – so the overall tone of the latter part of this vid is a bit different from the rest. 3D Lee was there for most of it too, and remains the only other member to appear in a music video.
While I was there Dan did a telephone interview with the NME, and since then there’s been a certain amount of low level but gradually building press interest in the band. There also seems to be a stable gigging line-up now, and they’ve performed on at least three separate occasions, and been recording professionally.
This film is a record of the bands early days. I look forward to hearing and seeing what they can do in the next few years.

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