Cold is Coming

There was celebration all round in Beijing last week, as the city’s central heating system was finally turned on. No more three layers to bed, thank christ. Celebrations proved to be a little premature in our flat, as the landlord had managed to mess up the plumbing so much that one of our two floors was entirely without heat. It took 6 days and a dodgy plumber to sort the problem out, and V and I had to emigrate temporarily downstairs and join the rest of the family. The dog’s had to be moved to another house too, because the landlord may come over any day now and pets aren’t allowed apparently. Anyway, it’s all fixed now, and we’re back sleeping upstairs. Last night I dreamt that I was critiquing other people’s dreams for having inappropriate language goals, lacking logical staging and being too teacher-centred. Worrying.
Outside it’s sub-zero already, everyone’s in gloves and scarves, and there’s a lot worse to come. No use complaining, though, it’ll all be over in very little time indeed. I’m looking forward to mulled wine and proper soup and the like.

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