The Ozmotron Remix Project

Ten years ago two of my friends stayed up all night with a roomful of instruments and a 4-track machine and made an album called ‘Ozmotron’. Nobody who has heard it can ever forget it.

It’s all here for download. Charging money for it seems a little unrealistic.

Track 1 – Sandpants
Track 2 – Why Doesn’t The World Spin Up?
Track 3 – Monkey
Track 4 – Feet
Track 5 – Pink Elephant

So, anyway, it’s the tenth anniversary, so I’m putting together a completely unnecessary Ozmotron remix album, and am looking for contributions. Already We’ve got the Dave! Remix of Sandpants and an unrecognisable (but brilliant) reworking of Feet by c_kick. Come join in!

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