Dragon Boat

It’s the Dragon Boat festival this Monday. A few years in China and I still don’t really know what this means, besides eating zongzi (which V has spent the last week or so making). I suppose Easter just amounts to the eating of chocolate eggs these days, so I shouldn’t judge. The good news about the Dragon Boat festival is that it is a public holiday in China. The bad news is that public holidays in China are not like the ones we have at home. Yes, Monday and Tuesday are “days off”, but no harm will be done as office workers, students and schoolchildren will have to come into work, university or school on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the lost days. So it’s not so much a public holiday as a weekend shifted forward.
This kind of makes sense for regular workers, but for freelancers like myself it’s a pain. My students have to go to school on Saturday, so their classes are moved to Monday, when I won’t be available.
Fortunately Mum, Katie & Tom will be turning up on Monday, and I’ve already taken the next week-and-a-half off.

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