England again

In July I seemed to be on an adrenalin drip. If I wasn´t doing something constructive a feeling of itchy restlessness would seem to grasp me and so I got a lot done. As the month ended I promised to myself that I´d try to transfer this energy to my non work summer life, which had consisted mainly of lying down through June.
After the inevitable spirit sapping crash of my first day of freedom I sat down and wrote a list of everything I had left to do in September and it became clear that rest and recuperation was not going to be an option. The first priority was getting back to Prague, but before that I thought I should pay my dad a visit. I´ve figured a way of getting to his house in Herefordshire using four connecting buses or under ten pounds. itś a bit of a strain by normal standards, but after this last six months it feels like nothing.
The two days there were good, partially as they gave me the chance to wind down a little and catch up on some much needed sleep. The visit coincided with my stepmotherś birthday barbeque, which meant a fair amount of red meat and dad playing songs to an audience of village neigbours and work colleagues, followed by a day of watching DVDs on the sofa while my stepmother was sick with possible food poisoning.

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