Note: Just in case you didn’t know…

I’ve finished my contract and am traveling back through China, Russia and Europe. this is my approximate route, though I’ve already veered off it a bit.
I’ll be in Prague from around the 4th to 23rd of May. If you can come and visit me there then please do. If you are already there then, uh, good.

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10 Responses to Note: Just in case you didn’t know…

  1. arthabaska says:

    hey i saw this image and i’m about to start a similar trip, but wasn’t sure about visas thru russia, mongolia & china. what did you have to do?

    • Re: greetings!
      Chinese and Mongolian visas are fairly easy. Just find out where their embassies are and when they are open. Give them a week to process the application or you’ll have to pay extra.
      The Russian visa is quite a bit harder. Officially you have to be “invited” to the country before you can go there. The best way to do it is through a specialist agency. If you’re in the UK then here’s a good one –

  2. reckon i’m gonna do somewhen between thursday 10th and monday 14th depending on flight prices. a lot hinges on whether i get glastonbury tickets still but i’m starting to think i might not bother now that no on else seems to want to go.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi James!
    It is good to hear that you are coming to Finland also! Its great to see you!
    Im going to London on wednesday and will stay there a week. Im very happy about the holiday, because I have been working a lot lately.
    Enjoy your travelling! I will send you email soon!

  4. comedylisa says:

    the bestest revelation ever
    hi JAMES BON VOYAGE for the way home still least your doing it in style and spontaineity. well something quite unexpected has happened a small miracle. i figured out what i want to do well at least the direction i want to go in. i start a masters in Sustainable Development in September. they’ve got loads of links with NGO’s and United Nations at Leeds uni too so really good course!! anyways let me know where u’ll be chilling over the summer
    have great trip back

    • Re: the bestest revelation ever
      I’ll be around England / Europe, will have to come visit. What are you doing over the summer? Fancy a trip back to Praha?

      • comedylisa says:

        Re: the bestest revelation ever
        hey james i may be in europe this summer at the mo summer plans are all up in the air as too many options to decide. but yea i may hit europe as least eastern europe will be cheap. theres some cool festivals..

  5. comedylisa says:

    bit of sensibility and a little bit spontaineity.
    had to pull out on an iceland trip in May as for a week and need the money for my masters. anyways more importantly that left me with a last minute week off found a super cheap flight so yeah am coming to Prague. they’ll be no ice but still least beer will be a tenth of the price.
    am there 13th May- 19th May.
    where u staying?

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