I turned up yesterday to what I thought would be my final lesson. Waiting for me at reception was a note telling me I’d be teaching “winter camp” starting every weekday morning at 8.30, a bus ride away from my house, for the next two weeks. Ah well. More money, on the plus side.
In the meantime I have four days with nothing to do so have been planning my trip back to England, mainly with these people. This map shows where I’ve been since I left the UK in September 2005 (the bold line) and where I’ll be going in the next six months (the dotted line).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, just managed to read a decant portion of your blog. you been busy boyo!
    let me know when you are back. Your travels look amasing.

  2. m_c_romantic says:

    I found your entry on the random section.
    Are you from the UK?

  3. melt_out says:

    Welcome to Russia

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