Tour of the neighbourhood.

With two months left here it’s occurred to me that I’ve never put up any photos of the local area. Well, that’s about to change.
Let’s start with the building I live in. Here is the bottom of it. There is, unfortunately, no decent vantage point from to take a photo of the whole thing.

This is the older building next-door that I used to live in:

This is the view I used to have from the place before that bitch of a landlady sold the place:

This is the vegetable / animal market just outside the gate to my building. Usually there are a lot more people around than this:

On the left and right here are where I buy groceries and dumplings respectively:

…and this is the gate nearby that leads to Mingting Island:

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1 Response to Tour of the neighbourhood.

  1. polygrrrl says:

    Wow–so cool to see those pics! Your old view is amaaaaazing. Damn that landlady!
    What’re you gonna do when the two months is up?

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