Predicatable “First sentence of each month” mene

January – Goodbye and good riddance to 2005, a genuinely rubbish year all round.
February – Monday was “last night” for Amanda and Miriam.
March – It seems that I have somehow become a primary (grade) school teacher.
April – Life in the new flat continues to be great.
May – Mayday is a week-long holiday in China, so I’ve come to Manila with Brent and Samantha for the duration.
June – I haven’t updated for a couple of weeks, as I’ve been too busy generally having a good time.
July – I’ve finally had to move out of the amazing flat I was temporarily staying in, and back (for a month and a half or so) into a school-provided apartment.
August – Disclaimer: This entry may be only of interest to Pulp obsessives.
September – I want to write about life in China but I don’t know where to start.
October – I’m in Hong Kong.
November – If you feel sentimental and protective about dogs you probably shouldn’t read my unusual food blog this week.
December – My thinning hair began to bother me last week, so I went into a hairdresser and said “Wo xiang mei yo tou fa” (I would like not have head hair).

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