Field Chicken

Misleading Chinese name – “field chicken”

What they really are – frogs. Lots of frogs.

Location – Cheers restaurant

I often go to this semi-outdoor barbecue restaurant to eat more normal food, drink cheap beer and the like.

To order food here you generally go up to the entrance and pick out what you want. Generally this means various meat and vegetables on skewers, tofu, corn-on-the-cob, chicken feet, etc. One day, though, I looked down and saw this-

The bottom section contains snakes, which I may come back to at some later date. In the top section you can see a few big miserable-looking frogs. A brief inquiry revealed that these weren’t intended to be put on the barbecue but instead to be prepared in the kitchen in some way. Sounded good.
About twenty minutes later the cooked version arrived.

It didn’t look bad at all, and the smell was promising. There did seem to be substantially more frog there than I had expected – at least six of the creatures, maybe even more.
Still, bon apetit.

It tasted, as expected, a bit like chicken. It didn’t exactly have the stringy texture of chicken meat, though – more rubbery, like biting into a mushroom.

The sauce was actually pretty nice, a subtle ginger, red-vinegar and soy concoction that suited the meat and the vegetables. In fact, the whole thing was generally a normal-tasting decent stir-fry. It didn’t seem off-putting at all that I was sucking bits of frog-meat off frog-bones.

Soon I’d started to just generally enjoy it, and polished it off fairly quicky. I left the cucumber on the side. Now that is disgusting.

Apart from the cucumber there was a decent platesworth of frog remains – bones, gristle and the like. It didn’t look very nice, really.

Still, it was a good meal which I’d be happy to eat again any time.
Nothing wrong with field chickens.

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