Some old people in China walk along the street clapping in turns in front of them and behind their backs. Nobody knows why.

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  1. pixxers says:

    This made me smile before I’d even had any coffee this morning. :)

  2. i saw someone doing that down st james street on tuesday. i may even start doing it myself soon. it’s probably good fun and a positive lifestyle choice.

  3. comedylisa says:

    i went to the arctic!!
    nothing can surprise now eh? how are u? hows china?!
    i have just got back from the most amazing trip of my life!! i think the 24 hours of daylight!!!! and arctic beers must have gone to my head and didnt stop laughing the whole time i was on board the ship.
    the scenery was amazing. iceburgs, polar bears, even saw one feasting on a seal for 3 hours, reindeer, walruses, and a ten day bar tab to top it all off. and no tourists. at the end of the world. though at the end in little town we ended up in a nightclub. 6 months of darkness makes people go crazy in summer!
    there was a tv crew from montreal on board as well making on documentary so am also going to be on tv!!! though i think they may have to do an outtake version of me! went swimming in the arctic and nearly died possibly. amazing days. am still in shock.
    hope all is well in the land of teaching. lisa x

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