Two months of on-off (serious) rain seem to have provisionally ended and now it is intensely hot. Spring term is finally ending too. The next two months will mainly involve “summer school” which may mean I have weekends off. I’m fairly glad of this as the world cup has once again got my sleep pattern out of rhythm, and I taught last weekend’s classes in a baggy-eyed daze. Thankfully most of the lessons were exams, which are a little less strain than real teaching.
Otherwise I’ve been staying at John & Macro’s place and watching the football constantly. On Tuesday I’m moving into back into one of the school apartments. I suspect it may be in the same building I lived in twice before. I suppose it will be interesting to live on my own for a little while, though I’m not particularly looking forward to it.

counter easy hit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    james. mentioned this blog to a friend the other day and idle curiosity and boredom has prompted me to look you up. i see a change of climate and continent has done nothing to stop your tendency toward illness. i have a degree and am on something called an “artist’s benefit,” where i do fuck all, get paid, and don’t have the “stigma of the dole.” the nz government is batshit. how the devil are you?

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