The climate here is wildly confusing for an English boy. Yesterday it was immensely humid and I left my window open to get some air into my room, then came back a few hours later to find mould all over my clothes.
After a bit of fabric-cleaning I went out to John and Leah’s birthday celebrations in a private karaoke room in a hotel. As I’d been teaching “business English” before I was wearing my suit. Got properly drunk and fed though being broke I should’ve stayed at home from shame. It was a good party though, met a few interesting people. A good time was had by all, though the end of night tunelessness went on about an hour longer than was necessary. Then at 3 we went to an outdoor barbecue place for some snacks and got back home in the early hours of the morning for a kip.
As I’ve been typing this the sound of running water has gradually built over the music on my mp3 player. Looking outside the stiflingly hot day has turned into a rainstorm with drops the size of cherries blasting down with force. I left the now mould-free clothes drying on the balcony of my flat. Fuck.

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