So this is it. The end of the European era. The signs haven’t been particularly good this week – my computer is totalled, I have no money left and I owe some to the parents now too. All the same, the hectic schedule of the last week has left me in a very good mood. And the ‘something to look forward to’ element of course.
Last night was the (sort of) leaving party. Took everyone to Banditos – was supposed to be Taj mahal but that turned out to be the most expensive Indian restaurant I’ve ever seen. Banditos, though, was absolutely unbelievable. Best food I’ve had in months. Hamish made a rare appearance too, completing the only gathering of “everyone” since I got here.
After the food we went to the Eye, nearly got run over on the way by some twat who sped up as we crossed the road and missed us by inches. Dennily and Liv had a very interesting conversation about the different textures human meat would have depending upon the age of the person involved, then Jan’s friends from Brussels turned up. I had an hour or so drinking with two Czechs, one Russian and a Greek guy. Keeping up with the level of alcohol consumption was a little difficult. I was wrecked by 3 and had to go to bed. All for the best.
Next time I write in this I’ll either be in China or in transit somewhere. Still not panicking.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You, sir, are a legend.
    Keep us updated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah,dont panic.just concentrate on sushi,great china wall and posibility to learn how to write at least one chinesse word:) u´ve got mail xxamaliaxx

  3. Arf! My name is Andy and I am a friendly poodle. I am new to livejournal and was wondering if you would add me as a friend. I promise not to bite!

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