I’m really tired of writing about going out and I’m sure nobody is particularly interested in reading about it. This was the last weekend before I leave, though, so one more time isn’t going to hurt. We were going to have a little party for me and Liv at Dennily’s place, so I turned up at early for that but it didn’t really happen. All the barflies were at the other leaving party (Chrissy’s) at Cafe Metropole, so we left Dennily asleep on her bed and went there instead. It was completely packed out with Blind Eye types. I sat in the corner and talked to Dennily’s housemate’s friend’s boyfriend about politics in Liverpool in the 1980s and the personal lives of The Ramones.
Predictably most of us ended up at Blind Eye. Left there and went back with Dennily’s housemate, then ate and watched The Sopranos and Clue with them on Sunday. I will never get tired of watching Clue.
Finally slept last night. Got up early today to go to the Chinese embassy to sort my visa out. It was my third visit so at least I knew where it was this time. On the downside there was an hour-long queue to the desk and only 50 minutes left until the cut-off point. Why you can only apply for visas anywhere for two 3-hour periods a week is a mystery to me. Fortunately the woman at the counter was sympathetic, though she did tell me to leave the line three times to change parts of my application and cut out and glue a passport photo to it.
Now I’m free for the rest of the day. This is good.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    život jde dál

  2. hiredg00n says:

    I read it bro, it’s just that sometimes there’s no reason to comment. Most of the time, actually.
    I don’t know your situation well enough to offer lady advice like you posted a few weeks back, or know any of your housemates other than from what you’ve written.
    It’s all interesting though, kinda like watching a movie that slowly develops over time. Keep it up, I’m way looking forward to reading about your adventures in China.

  3. Anonymous says:

    glad to see you are actually going! you should visit macau and get some portuguese coffee! hahaha
    gc/(not) working mindless computer job

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