Monday was “last night” for Amanda and Miriam. With people coming and going so often around here the social schedule seems to consist of a string of leaving parties. They’d suggested going to have a meal, and I’d said we could go to Braziliero as I wanted to check out their legendary selection of meat and arrived ten minutes late to find Dennily and Liv complaining that it was closed, though it turned out they’d been to the wrong restaurant. When Amanda, Miriam, Vicky and Marcus turned up we went downstairs, found there was only room in the non-smoking area and stood around debating whether we should go or not. I made an effort to underline that I wasn’t in charge, then a consensus emerged that we should just go back to Zizkov to eat at Kure V Hodinach
The meal was good but unbelievably small. Turned out the waitress had accidentally ordered us half-portions for some reason. The only good move of the night was the one up the hill to the Clown and Bard, where we had some drinks and I had some cool presents from the girls. Nobody was up for a big night, it being Monday and the Blind Eye still being closed, so by 2 it was just me and Miriam left. We went to Akropolis, came back again, tried to call Michelle and wrote on arms. Eventually we found Michelle at her up with a load of people at her house, up with a load of people who’d just had tattoos. I had to go to sleep so I said goodbye and left them there to get the day tram home.
Then I was woken up the next afternoon by a text message saying they’d missed their flight.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm really. I just dont understand why some people just dont face facts and just settle down here for more than a month or two and work down in the mines like the rest of us.
    Actually, that’s total crap. I’m just a silly ponce who actually enjoys it.
    ‘nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there.’
    People do have other lives to enjoy, I guess..

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