Berlin was good. Though very very cold. I hadn’t been planning to go there at all but then a week ago Dennily said “let’s go to Berlin” and I said “ok,” thinking that it would cost no more than a hundred euros all-in-all. That turned out to be fairly way off in that the train ticket alone was 93 euros but I can afford it, not a problem.
We went on a walking tour the first day but had to flake out after two of the scheduled eight hours due to frostbitten toes and ears. Instead we got some more clothes, went to see the ‘checklist’ sights, went back to the (amazing) hostel, met some lawyer guy and ate Indian food with him across the road. He brought along two other guys and I took them all to the giant squat-complex ten minutes away, which is as much fun as ever.
Drank a little too much, had a kebab, passed out for a few hours then had to wander the streets to find painkillers. Went with Dennily to the Jewish museum in the afternoon, that was fairly impressive, especially in architectural terms. We were going to go out again but just passed out in time to have the first decent sleep for an age before returning to Prague.
Now it’s New Years Eve, apparently. Amanda and Miriam have just arrived.

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  1. i randomly stumbled upon your lj and just thought i would say hello. i also perused your “life story”. quite amusing, loved the pictures. but i do wish that you would have told us what happened to the fair joanne…
    happy new year.

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