Serious matters

Got a phonecall at about 3pm today from a man called Frank in Xiamen which boiled down to him offering me a job. Starting in February. I accepted of course (why not?) but it leaves me with a little problem, funds-wise. My account is starting to look a little bare now and I need to buy a plane ticket. After that there isn’t a lot left at all.
Of course, there should be loads left. I should have another 488 pounds-worth of deposit and other money owed from my landlady in Brighton but strangely it isn’t in my account. I’ve called the bank about it, they say it really isn’t there. Then I called Helen (said landlady) who said it had been transferred and was itemised on her statement. I called my bank to ask them to do a trace, they said Helen needed to do the trace. I called Helen, nicely explained that I wasn’t accusing her of stealing my money, asked her to do a trace. She said ok. I called back a little later and asked what had happened, she said the trace had been done and the money was in there. The money isn’t in there.
So, if anyone’s still reading, I’m in Prague and therefore pretty much fucked as for what I’m supposed to do about the situation. Am staying at Jan’s right now, but it would be taking the piss a little to stay there until February as a non-tenant (especially as I’m sharing a room with his housemate). Are any lawyers reading this? What the fuck am I supposed to do about this?

Edit: to top it all off the internet cafe seem to be playing the entire James Blunt album. Time to go get a beer, I’d say.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    dont go to china, really, really, do not go to china – my exgirlfriend is stuck in a year contract in xiamen, working at an international school – she says its joyless and dead, peoples eyes and their lives are joyless and dead. theyre as naive as amazonian pygmies and as capitalist as americans – this mix (she says) creates hell. well paid hell (by their standards). lonliness and depression, dont, dont go. i thought you wanted to make movies. does your creativity amount to a few self-indulgent blogs.
    your friend from the commune.

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