Unhappy goings on in the eastern block

So everything was going very nicely indeed until last night, when I was sitting at the bar in the hostel having a good time, drinking, chatting to people, all the usual kind of thing. I saw a box of Snickers bars on a shelf and since I hadn’t had a bite since 2pm felt a little peckish. So I asked for one, looked in my wallet and found I would need to break a 10,000 Forint note to get one. So I gave it to the girl and she came back with change from 5000. I waited a second before politely querying this and she rooted round in all the cash boxes for five minutes to demonstrate there definitely wasn’t any extra money there. So I let it go for the moment but kept it at the back of my mind until a few hours later when I was going to bed. The Australian girl who had been sitting next to me said that she saw the note and it was definitely 10,000. Why she didn’t weigh in at the time is a mystery to me. Woke up this morning and asked her to write down that she’d seen it so I had some evidence if it came to an argument but she got all weird about that and got me thinking I was getting worked up unnecessarily over it. But no, I will not put up with having money taken from under my nose. But what to do about it? It’s very annoying as I really love this hostel but it’s now tainted for me and I don’t trust the people there any more. What to do? I can’t just let it go really, that would be spineless. Any suggestions?

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