Even I meme out every now and again.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. berlin:
    I was there for two weeks in 2002 but had the best time of my life. Met a French girl, stayed with her in a recording studio with some Israeli guy, gatecrashed a wedding and drank their beer, stole a bike and a hotel porter’s trolley, fixed them together and rode them across the city in the rain.
  2. chlebičky:
    Open Czech sandwiches, the best thing to eat in Prague if you know where to go. Krabi is the best.
  3. father ted:
    Yes, Amelia, it is the funniest thing ever. An episode called ‘The mainland’ especially.
  4. herman hesse:
    Steppenwolf is amazing and The Glass Bead Game is pretty good too. Narcis and Goldmund is a bit heavy going.
  5. ladies’ bottoms:
    No further comment seems neccecary.
  6. my bloody valentine:
    The first time I heard them I thought everything was wrong. The tenth time I thought it was everything else that was wrong.
  7. robert wyatt:
    “You look different every time you come
    From the foam-crested brine
    Your skin shining softly in the moonlight
    Partly fish, partly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
    Am I yours? Are you mine to play with?
    Joking apart – when you’re drunk you’re terrific when you’re drunk
    I like you mostly late at night, you’re quite alright
    But I can’t understand the different you, in the morning
    When it’s time to play at being human for a while, please smile!”
  8. stereolab:
    I always forget how much I like them when i’m not actually listening to them. I shouldn’t.
  9. the velvet underground:
    I do really like them, but I know a lot of people who like them even more.
  10. černy pivo:
    You can keep your pilsner.

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